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Picture of Derbyshire - Ball Eye Mine


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club logo   North Wales Caving Club
Clwb Ogofeydd Gogledd Cymru
Contact: Secretary Year formed: 1972
Email:   Membership: 40
Facebook: Not supplied  
  Undx      Surv      Excn      Capg      Arch      FldM      ARes      Libr      Publ      Resc      Lect   
Area of interest: Caves and mines of North Wales.
Classes of membership: Single £20. Joint £26. Student / Unwaged / Retired £12.
Publications: Regular newsletter.
Archive collection: Held by individual members, contact Secretary.
Artefact collection: Held by individual members, contact Secretary.
Owned or leased site 
or access controlled:
For a list of sites with access controlled by the NWCC, contact the Secretary
The NWCC winching a shaft

Last updated: 28/02/2021

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