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The National Association
of Mining History Organisations

We were formed in 1979 to act as the national body for mining history in the United Kingdom. There are now over 70 member organisations, including societies, museums, firms, etc. and membership now extends to Ireland. On this site, you will find out more about NAMHO, its aims, its members and its contribution to the mining heritage.

Active mine explorers will also find guidance on managing archaeological finds underground as well as how to lead groups of novices and experienced explorers.

Armchair miners are also catered for with an extensive bibliography.

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Jun 28, 2024, 20:41

The Conference is underway. Over 100 delegates and a number of speakers and trip guides are taking part. A fuller report will appear in due course.The theme looks a bit vague but is: "in, copper, gold and ...." which is meant to show how extensive Cornish mining isThe conference lasts from Thursday 27th June to Wednesday 3rd ...


A new forum has been developed to replace Aditnow and Mine Explorer. The forum is trying to develop itself into a self-sustaining trust. For more detail, go to


Booking will close around 22 June so please get in soon if you want to attend. There is a full programme of talks as well as a number of field trips. Details are:When: weekend of 29-30 JUNE 2024 plus days either side.Theme: "in, copper, gold and ....".Full duration: Thursday 27th June to Wednesday 3rd July including some ...


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The Northern Mine Research Society has been pleased to announce the release of a database of international mining information compiled by the late Alasdair Neill (Ali). The original 6,000 pages plus of text were converted into a database format to give over 76,000 fully searchable entries.The database can be accessed at ...