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Carrock - Tungsten Mine

Welcome to the NAMHO website

The National Association
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We were formed in 1979 to act as the national body for mining history in the United Kingdom. There are now over 70 member organisations, including societies, museums, firms, etc. and membership now extends to Ireland. On this site, you will find out more about NAMHO, its aims, its members and its contribution to the mining heritage.

Active mine explorers will also find guidance on managing archaeological finds underground as well as how to lead groups of novices and experienced explorers.

Armchair miners are also catered for with an extensive bibliography.

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Oct 02, 2019, 11:13

As already announced, NAMHO 2020 will be in Cornwall and is aimed at an international audience, as was INTER-NAMHO 2000. The conference dates are 3rd to 6th April 2020. The theme of the conference is "Copper, tin and gold" following disco ...


The programme and registration form for the conference are now available on this website. The title of the conference is "Mining History and Archaeology in Scotland: Towards a Research Strategy". The conference aims are: to identify areas ...


John Barnatt, whose book 'The Archaeology of Underground Mines and Quarries in England' has recently been published, is giving a talk on the subject at Matlock Bath on 15th October 2019. The poster for the talk is shown on the News page and c ...


A symposium is being held on 19th October 2019 at Leadhills. The topic is "Mining history and archaeology in Scotland: towards a research strategy" and this will be a one day conference organised by Leadhills Heritage Trust and Historic En ...


Plans are now underway for the conferences for the next two years. NAMHO 2020 will be in Cornwall and is aimed at an international audience, as was INTER-NAMHO 2000. Planned dates are 3-6 April 2020. Coordinator is Kevin Baker and the organisation ...

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