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"60 Years of Mining Projects" 60 Years of Mining Projects

NAMHO CONFERENCE 2021 - 60 Years of Mining Projects

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Until the programme of times and days can be fixed, this page provides a summary of what is planned for the surface walks.

It is hoped to offer a series of surface walks at the conference.  Each of the walks below will only happen on one of the days

Friday or Monday (en-route):

1. Ironbridge/Broseley - mining area around Ironbridge Gorge.

2. Brown Clee Hill - South East part of Shropshire with rich history of coal and dolerite extraction.

Walks connected to talks:

3. Snailbeach, day or half day - the day walk could, subject to landowner's consent include the adit mouth at The Waterwheel.

4. Bog/Cothercott - principally for gas installations.

Other walks:

5. Grit mines - west side of the Shelve Ore-Field - the walk takes in four different engine house remains, a circular magazine and follows the surface remains of a roughly triangular route of veins. Most hilly of the walks.

6. Pontesford Colliery - engine houses.

7. Tankerville Mine - owned by Shropshire Mines Trust

8. A working quarry - subject to negotiation with the owners

Trips will be run on Friday afternoon plus Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  

Jigger at Snailbeach


Engine house at White Grit mine



In the section below, after logging on, you will be able to see a list of the trips available and a list of the potential trip dates. Please enter a priority (1 lowest to 5 highest) against each trip and also select the dates you are available for any trips.

To start, leave the delegate number as "new" but enter your name, password and BCA insurance number which will be recorded on the booking system for later. An email address will also help. If you want to change your priorities, you can do so later by entering your delegate number and chosen password.  Make a note of the delegate number and password as you will also use these to book onto the conference.

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After you have registered as a potential delegate, you will return to this page and can make your choices.