Conference header imageNAMHO CONFERENCE 2021

SHROPSHIRE - hosted by the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club

"60 Years of Mining Projects"

NAMHO CONFERENCE 2021 - 60 Years of Mining Projects

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The current version of the talks programme is now available here: Talks Programme.

Planned arrangements

Currently plans are for lectures on the Saturday and Sunday. From recent experience, we see advantage to the talks being both 'live' and 'on-line' with potentially some speakers and audience being remote while others are present at the venue. Covid 19 precautions/regulations might influence matters but at present the proposal is to limit the number of people in the hall to ensure social distancing and to provide on-line access for one or both days to delegates who choose to join that way..

Lecture Theme: Sixty Years of Mining History Projects

Presentations should be given using PowerPoint. This will simplify proceedings, and will ensure that the lecture programme runs as smoothly as possible under the present circumstances, where some speakers are giving their talk via Zoom.


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