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NORTH YORKSHIRE / CLEVELAND - hosted by Cleveland Mining Heritage Society

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Click on the map to read off the NGR and latitude/longitude of a location.   The letter after the NGR indicates that the pointer is at the nearest road [r], the parking place [p] or the actual site [s].

Tick the boxes to select types of venue (default is ALL):
  Talks: purple icon   Camping: red icon   Food: orange icon   Surface trips: green icon   Underground trips: brown icon   Locations of interest: yellow icon   Other sites: white icon  

Select:  street view   or aerial view              Prioritise site    parking    or nearest road 

To convert a location reference fill in one of these boxes. The first one completed will be converted.  Then click , or

NGR:   Lat/long:   What3Words:   UTM: zoom:

Examples:  "SO 51175 74686", "52.66075, -3.145781", "30U 512978 5820980", "influencing.wedge.seats". Note UTM must have spaces. Others are optional.

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