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NORTH YORKSHIRE / CLEVELAND - hosted by Cleveland Mining Heritage Society

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Until the programme of times and days can be fixed, this page provides a summary of what is planned for the surface walks.

It is hoped to offer a series of surface walks at the conference.  Each of the walks below will only happen on one of the days

Friday or Monday (en-route):

1. Ironbridge/Broseley - mining area around Ironbridge Gorge.

2. Brown Clee Hill - South East part of Shropshire with rich history of coal and dolerite extraction.

Walks connected to talks:

3. Snailbeach, day or half day - the day walk could, subject to landowner's consent include the adit mouth at The Waterwheel.

4. Bog/Cothercott - principally for gas installations.

Other walks:

5. Grit mines - west side of the Shelve Ore-Field - the walk takes in four different engine house remains, a circular magazine and follows the surface remains of a roughly triangular route of veins. Most hilly of the walks.

6. Pontesford Colliery - engine houses.

7. Tankerville Mine - owned by Shropshire Mines Trust

8. A working quarry - subject to negotiation with the owners

Trips will be run on Friday afternoon plus Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  

Jigger at Snailbeach


Engine house at White Grit mine