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Derbyshire - Ball Eye Mine


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  Chatterley Whitfield Friends
Contact: Secretary Year formed: 2001
Email: membership [at]  Membership: Around 190
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Area of interest: Chatterly Whitfield mining museum, North Staffordshire
Main geographical areas:
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Opening times: Museums can give detals of opening times here
Current admission details: Museums can give details of admission costs etc here
Educational facilities: Museums can give details of educational facilities here
Classes of membership: Individual £5 - Family £10
Corporate £50
Publications: Details of publications here
Archive collection: Contact Secretary
Artefact collection: Contact Secretary
Owned or leased site 
or access controlled:
Details of sites controlled by clubs
Current projects: Archiving of Plans, photographs and documents
Promoting the site and the North Staffs Coalfield in Schools and talks to various professional organisations.
Publicity: Newsletter, Website, Facebook
Services: Details here
Location: Location details
How to get there: Museums can give directions etc here
Additional Information: The objects of the Friends shall be the education of the public in general by promotion, support, assistance and improvement of the Chatterley Whitfield site in co-operation the Stoke on Trent Council and its staff.
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Last updated: 21/11/2017


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