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Picture of Alderley Edge - Engine Vein


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club logo   Cerberus Spelaeological Society
Contact: Secretary Year formed: 1956
Email: admin [at]  Membership: 75
Facebook: Not supplied  
  Undx      Surv      Excn      Capg      FldM      Libr      Publ   
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Area of interest: Mines and mining on Mendip, Bath and Wiltshire. Caves elsewhere
Opening times: Museums can give detals of opening times here
Current admission details: Museums can give details of admission costs etc here
Educational facilities: Museums can give details of educational facilities here
Classes of membership: Full Member £35. Family Member (spouses & siblings of full member) £23. Full time students or unwaged £23. Provisional Member (valid for 3 months) £16. Extra for mountaineering section (affiliated to BMC) £7.
Publications: Quarterly Journal and regular News Sheet for members. Occasional special publication
Archive collection: Contact Librarian (library [at]
Artefact collection: Details of artefact collections
Owned or leased site 
or access controlled:
Access controlled to various caves / mine sites on Mendip
Current projects: Mines of Mendip. Publication on the Bath stone mines
Publicity: Available from secretary.
Services: Expertise particularly on the Bath stone mines
Location: Location details
How to get there: Museums can give directions etc here
Additional Information: All members are covered by the club liability insurance for caving and mining related activities. Mountaineering section members are also covered for all walking, climbing and mountaineering activities.

The Society Headquarters and Hostel are on the Mendip (Larkshall, Midway, Stoke St.
Michael, Somerset BA3 5LZ). Guest bookings available at £3.50 per person per night. Contact
Bookings Officer email: hostelbookings [at]
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