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Picture of Nenthead - Brewery Shaft


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    Mine Explorer Society, The
Contact: Secretary Year formed: 2005
Email: mike [at]  Membership: 4
Facebook: Not supplied  
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Area of interest: Underground photography
Main geographical areas:
Classes of membership: None available, still establishing a structure
Publications: Website trip reports, approximately once a month
Archive collection: Contact via email.
Publicity: Internet site.
Services: Mine Plans.
Additional information: The Society exists to research and publish information for the use and enjoyment of like-minded people, and as such does not operate any organised underground trips other than those for the purposes of research. The Society at this stage of its development has no actual membership outside of the small group of people who run the Society. We are always pleased to hear from people and will answer any emails received. If you have any information that you would like to share; or have any queries please contact us and help us in our attempts to put together a comprehensive library of old mining history.


Above: A junction past Baron's Chamber in Longcleugh Mine Top left: Brownley Hill Low Level, at the junction where you drop out from the Scaleburn Cross Vein from Scaleburn Mine on the Rampgill to Brownley Hill through tripMiddle: The passages and flats above the horse level in Longcleugh Mine, on the way to Baron's ChamberBottom: Re-anchoring the rise which takes you into the flats above Bogg's Shaft, Longcleugh Mine

Last updated: 23/03/2023

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