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Picture of Carrock - Tungsten Mine


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club logo   Northern Mine Research Society
Contact: President Year formed: 1960
Email:   Membership: 400
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Area of interest: Mining both national and international.
Main geographical areas:
 Scot   IOM   LL   NE   YH   PD   NWM   WM   DC   EMEA   SE 
Classes of membership: Full: £17. Overseas: please contact Membership Secretary (address details on website).
Publications: Newsletters - four issues per annum. 'British Mining' (Monographs and Memoirs), usually a minimum of two issues per annum.
Archive collection: Extensive Records. Contact the Recorder (address details on website).
Artefact collection: Now at the Countryside Museum, Hawes
Current projects: 1. Development of research resources for the NMRS website2. Bale smelting3. Yorkshire Dales mining population studies4. Gazetteer of collieries in the British Isles
Publicity: An extensive website carrying details of Society activities and publications, as well as information designed to help researchers. Also an active Northern Mine Research Society Facebook page.
Services: Lectures and guided tours of mining remains and consultancy with respect to mining history .
Excavation of Medieval lead smelting site at Hagg Farm, Fremington, Swaledale. See British Mining Memoirs to be published November 2014

Last updated: 07/11/2021

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