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club logo   Welsh Mines Society
Cymdeithas Mwyngloddiau Cymru
Contact: Secretary Year formed: 1979
Email: secretary [at]  Membership: 220
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Area of interest: Welsh Mining History.
Classes of membership: Newsletter only £5 p.a. Overground (field meetings) £10 p.a. Underground £20 p.a.
Publications: Two Newsletters per year (typically 40-plus A5 pages) per year (Spring and Autumn) plus occasional volumes in the series Welsh Mines and Mining.
Current projects: Many members are involved with individual research projects. Most archaeological and conservation projects are done in conjunction with the sister organisation, the Welsh Mines Preservation Trust.
Services: Some members carry out a mining history consultancy.
Activities: Two weekend field meets per year (or, in some years, a weekend field meet plus a one-day conference).
Welsh Mines Society weekend field meetings are held twice a year and are well attended. The photograph shows the late David Bick (inset), founder and first President of the Society, addressing members on a visit to a mid-Wales lead mine site.

Last updated: 07/11/2021

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