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Picture of Ecton - Clayton Level


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  Wirksworth Mines Research Group
Contact: Secretary Year formed: 1978
Email:   Membership: 20
Website: Not supplied  
Facebook: Not supplied  
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Area of interest: Lead mines and soughs, Wirksworth area, Derbyshire.
Main geographical areas:
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Opening times: Museums can give detals of opening times here
Current admission details: Museums can give details of admission costs etc here
Educational facilities: Museums can give details of educational facilities here
Classes of membership: Ordinary £30
Publications: Details of publications here
Archive collection: Extensive photographic records
Artefact collection: Donated to Peak District Mining Museum.
Owned or leased site 
or access controlled:
Access to mines in the Wirksworth area. Underground visits must be accompanied by Group members.
Current projects: Bage Mine and Alabaster Sough.
Publicity: Arrangements for publicity
Services: Two powered winches and two generators.
Location: Location details
How to get there: Museums can give directions etc here
Club Headquarters: Bage Cottage, Bolehill, Wirksworth.
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The Peak District of Derbyshire undoubtedly has many more secrets to reveal in addition to the Wills Founder water pressure engine pictured left. The engine was found in 1975 by members of the North Staffordshire Mining Club 360ft down a vertical shaft. Many organisations were subsequently involved in 1976 with the raising of the engine. Help consisted of the donation of equipment or financial aid plus a whole team of helpers as the recovery work progressed. The engine is now on public display in the Peak District Mining Museum, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire.

The photograph by P.R. Deakin, shows the engine in-situ just prior to Its recovery.

Last updated: 30/10/2017

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